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Tire Service at Family Auto Commerce

Tires are the only part of your vehicle that has direct physical contact with the road. Tires can affect a range of things such as handling, ride, braking, and safety in general. Tires must have the correct air pressure, tread depth, balance, and the wheels must be accurately aligned. Regular maintenance of your tires is an important step in keeping your safety and automotive investment protected. If you live in extreme environments, hot or cold, and are prone to hitting potholes and debris in the road, then you should get your tires inspected more often. Be sure to inspect your tires before a long trip looking for nails or screws or other small holes that can be fixed early on before it becomes a bigger and more expensive problem later. If you are looking for a quality auto shop to take a look at your tires, then you can visit the service department at Family Auto Commerce in Commerce, Texas!

Signs of Tire Wear and What to Look For

Overinflation is always a concern. Overinflating tires mostly causes the air pressure in the middle section of the tire to contact the road causing wear primarily to the center of the treads with less wear on the edges. Underinflation can also be an issue. Instead of the center of the tire, too little air pressure usually causes the outer edges to touch the road more than the middle and causes it to wear faster than the center treads. Treadwear on one edge of the tire is typically caused when your wheels are not properly aligned. Erratic tread wear, also known as "cupping," could mean the wheel is not balanced correctly, or that the suspension components or shock absorbers need to be replaced. Raised portions of the tread or sidewall usually mean that one of the belts in the tire carcass has separated from the belts next to it.

Tire Problems to Look for While Driving

Vibrations and thumping noises usually indicate that there is an out-of-balance tire. When treads have a flat spot from emergency breaking or when the tire's belt becomes separated it can cause these noises. While driving at a cruising speed, if your car tends to pull to one side it can mean that a tire is underinflated or damaged. If it is not an air pressure problem, it is probably either a brake problem or poor alignment that is causing the pull.

Tire Maintenance

Tire rotation, tire balancing, and wheel alignment are the three main things to stay on top of when it comes to tire maintenance. Tire rotation is good to stay on top of because a vehicle's weight is distributed differently in different areas causing wear to be uneven and causing the alignment to become unaligned in time. Tire balancing is important because it helps fight against uneven wear and helps minimize vibrations while driving. Wheel alignment is also important because it is the measurement of the position of the wheels compared to the manufacturer's suggested specifications. If the alignment is not measured correctly, it can cause uneven wear on the tires and negatively affect fuel economy.


If you are in the need of new tires or tire repair, you can visit Family Auto Commerce for service today! Use our online service schedule to schedule service!