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Oil Change at Family Auto Commerce

Engines can be vastly different from vehicle to vehicle, but they all have one thing in common, moving parts. And any machine that has moving parts must be lubricated to keep from premature wear and tear, especially when it comes to vehicle engines. This is why having the right oil in your tank is so vital. Eventually, the engine will break down and become contaminated by dust, dirt, and many other types of debris. The environment can also play a significant role in how long certain engine oils last. When oil breaks down, it can't do its job correctly. If you are looking for a service team you can trust to change your oil, bring your vehicle to the service department of Family Auto Commerce in Commerce, TX!

Top Reasons Oil Changes Save Vehicles

Maintaining engine lubrication is very important in keeping a healthy working engine. There are numerous moving parts in every engine. Think of all the pistons, valves, and other engine parts several of which are moving at extremely high rates of speed. These parts need lubrication to work effectively. Check the owner's manual for information on the specific weight and grade of oil your vehicle requires and make sure it is kept at the suggested fill volume. All that movement causes friction, and friction causes both wear and heat that can cause severe engine damage if not properly lubricated. Keeping your vehicle maintained with clean and sufficient amounts of oil is the best way to stop too much friction and engine over-heating.

Dirt and other tiny particles are deadly to engines. Given enough time the particles cause corrosion decreasing the life of your engine.  Also, oil begins to change properties after sufficient use and begins to turn into a "sludge." The idea is to keep the engine and the oil inside of it as clean as possible. Regular oil and filter checkups and changes help remove harmful particles and sludge and keep your engine in top condition. Bad engine lubrication can also cause an increase in fuel consumption. The U.S Department of Energy says that most vehicles that are maintained with routine oil changes can show a 1-2% improvement in gas mileage over time. This may not sound like a lot but over the lifespan of the vehicle that small percentage can add up. Like most things, routine maintenance of your vehicle will more than likely make it last longer. Build up from harmful particles and overall neglect will rob your vehicle of fuel economy and the power it needs to live up to its potential. Any engine that is overworked from these issues will cause major problems down the line. Kelley Blue Book values a car's resale value higher when a car has had regular maintenance.

Oil Change and Service Information

Changing your own oil can be a pain, but it is one of those things we all must get done to keep our vehicles in working order. Searching for bargains such as coupons or specials can be a great way to save money and guarantee your vehicle is getting maintained by top professionals. If you are in or near the Greenville or Sulphur Springs areas and vehicle requires maintenance or is just due for a regular checkup, come down to Family Auto Commerce and get your car or truck serviced by helpful professionals!

Don't procrastinate on your next oil change! Bring your vehicle to Family Auto Commerce today and rest assured that we change your oil the right way!